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Hi there everybody. Hope that your week has been going well, and that you’re keeping up with all that God is doing in your lives!

Let’s talk for a moment about YouTube. Just wanted to let you know that Burneyfam Books has a YouTube channel and were very excited about people viewing the videos. Pastor Gerry has been going through several of his books on YouTube, explaining the revealed prophecy, the Bible mysteries, and how they relate to what’s happening in the world today, and SO much more, and you can start watching immediately!

CLICK HERE to view our YouTube Channel!

Each video is approximately 30 minutes long, and contain a ton of valuable information all stemming from the books that Pastor Gerry has written. These books are timely, and are updated regularly so you’re getting the most current information available

Here are the titles of the TV series:

Science And Origins – 8 Videos

Revelation & End Times – 23 Videos

The Flat Earth & Genesis – 17 Videos


If you’d like to get a book to follow along with Pastor Gerry, but aren’t sure if you’d LIKE it, GOOD NEWS, you can read the first chapter to “try before you buy” to get a taste, Go here!


Also, check out Target Truth Ministries, on the WWW


Enjoy your day, friends!


That’s what the kid behind the counter at Taco Bell said to me.

I dug into my pocket and pulled out some lint and

two dimes and something that used to be a Jolly Rancher.

Having already handed the kid a five-spot, I started to

head back out to the truck to grab some change

when the kid, with the Elmo hairdo, said the hardest

thing anyone has ever said to me. He said,

“It’s OK. I’ll just give you the senior citizen discount.”

I turned to see who he was talking to, and I then heard the

sound of change hitting the counter in front of me.

“Only $4.68” he said cheerfully.

I stood there stupefied. I am 56, not even 60 yet?

A mere child !    Senior citizen ?  Noooooooooo way !

I took my burrito and walked out to the truck wondering

what was wrong with Elmo.   Was he blind ?


As I sat in the truck, my blood began to boil.    Old ?    Me ?

I’ll show him, I thought.   I opened the door and headed back inside.

I strode to the counter, and there he was waiting with a smile.

Before I could say a word, he held up something and jingled it in

front of me, like I could be that easily distracted by some trinket !

What am I now?    A toddler?

“Dude! Can’t get too far without your car keys, eh?”

I stared with utter disdain at the keys.

I began to rationalize in my mind !

“Leaving keys behind hardly makes a man elderly !

It could happen to anyone !”

I turned and headed back to the truck.

I slipped the key into the ignition, but it wouldn’t turn.

What now?!

I checked my keys and tried another.

Still nothing.

That’s when I noticed the purple beads hanging from my rear view mirror.

I had no purple beads hanging from my rear view mirror.

Then, a few other objects came into focus:

The car seat in the back seat.

Happy Meal toys spread all over the floorboard.

A partially eaten dough nut on the dashboard.

Faster than you can say ginkgo biloba, I flew out of the alien vehicle.

Moments later I was speeding out of the parking lot,

relieved to finally be leaving this nightmarish stop in my life.


That is when I felt it, deep in the bowels of my stomach: hunger!

My stomach growled and churned, and I reached to grab my burrito, …..

only it was nowhere to be found.

I swung the truck around, gathered my courage,

and strode back into the restaurant one final time.


There Elmo stood, draped in youth and black nail polish.

All  I could think was, “What is the world coming to?”

All I could say was, “Did I leave my food and drink in here”?


At this point I was ready to ask a Boy Scout to help me back to my vehicle,

and then go straight home and apply for Social Security benefits.

Elmo had no clue.


I walked back out to the truck,

and suddenly a young lad came up and tugged on my jeans to get my attention.


He was holding up a drink and a bag.

His mother explained,

“I think you left this in my truck by mistake.”

I took the food and drink from the little boy and sheepishly apologized.

She offered these kind words:

“It’s OK. My grandfather does stuff like this all the time.”

All of this is to explain how I got a ticket doing 85 in a 40 mph zone.

Yessss,… I was racing some punk kid in a Toyota Prius.

And no, I told the officer, I’m  not  too old to be driving this fast.

As I walked in the front door, my wife met me halfway down the hall.

I handed her a bag of cold food and a $300 speeding ticket.

I promptly sat in my rocking chair and covered up my legs with a blankey.

The good news was that I had successfully found my way home.

Pass this on to the other “old fogies” on your list (so they can have fun laughing, too).

Notice the larger type?

That’s for those of us who have trouble reading.

Evil To Eden-Updated Book



(Click The Title To View The Trailer)

Do you remember being in your mother’s womb?  Try backing up even further…Do you remember being with God at the beginning of the creation–in Eden?

Many believe we will live beyond this life, but cannot conceive of our existence prior to being born.  The Bible tells us we were created by God…then we disobeyed God and fell, and we are now born into this existence for a purpose (Eph. 1:4-5, 11).  The purpose–to be reconciled and restored back into a relationship with God again.

The Church today complicates our understanding with concepts of “Federal Headship”– with Adam being responsible for our being sinners. The Church today tends to focus on how to live and get along in this world, and often neglects our need to reconcile with God, and our true need for a Savior to accomplish this.

The Bible clearly teaches the truth.  But, just as the disciples had to search the scriptures to understand the riddles, puzzles, or parables of Jesus (Numb. 12:8, Isa. 45:15, Matt. 13:9-17), so too, we must also search.

There is a simple test in the first chapter on “The puzzle of God’s Word,” which you can take to be convicted of our need to understand the truth of the two creations (Eden and the 7-Day).  Understanding the two creations is the foundation to understanding why we are separated from God at birth, and face death today.

In the original edition of Eden to Evil, Pastor Burney explains the difference between the two creation accounts, the “Eden” creation and the “7-Day” creation.  They diverge in so many ways that many believe both cannot be true.  Did God make a mistake—and how do we fit into the two accounts?

But, if the two accounts were not a mistake, then God must have given us a riddle that only those who search for truth will uncover.  Pastor Burney deciphers the riddle to show how the answer helps us understand the Bible, and how we view ourselves.  Are we sinners, or saints?

In this new updated edition, Pastor Burney builds on his original book, clarifying why a third of the angels rejected God’s authority, thus exposing how early civilizations so easily accepted Satan the serpent.

Now we can finally understand why we experience suffering and tragedy in God’s “very good” creation, and why we need a Savior.