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To our friends of and followers of Target Truth Ministries

For those who have been able to get the book ”Eden to Evil”, we hope you are being challenged by it. Isn’t God’s word fun? We also hope you will be able to leave a note of encouragement on Amazon for others to read and help them to study God’s awesome Word further.

Our Prison and Jail ministry is personally funded by the sales of our books through Amazon, or through our website, Target Truth Ministries, the book Chronologies And Time Charts is only available through our website. 100% of the book sale proceeds go directly into the ministry… No salaries or wages are paid through donations or book sales… All work is done by volunteers. Twice a month several volunteers from Crossroads Christian Church gather together for several hours to compile and mail off the weekly messages, (AKA Virtual Chapels) to Inmates and Prisoners incarcerated all across America! And, once a year every inmate on our mailing list gets a Christian book sent to them, but this is at no cost to the inmates.

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When you finish the book Eden to Evil we hope you’ll take a few moments and go to Amazon make a comment to encourage others to read about God’s word.

There’s nothing “Radical” about “Radical Islam”

Most government leaders have their view of the war against “radical Islam” backwards.  Radical Islam is actually not radical.  The people may call violent Islam “radical,” but this violent Islam actually represents true Islam as presented in the Koran and Hadith.  The real radicals are those in Islam who embrace democracy and assimilation.  True Islam relies upon the Koran and Hadith, both of which demand Sharia law and subjugation under that law—no democracyno assimilation.

Choosing the side of peaceful Islam is to wage war with the Koran.  We in democracies who embrace assimilation, are in fact at war with the Koran, and those who truly worship by it.

True Islam uses the Koran (Allah’s words), and the Hadith (Mohammed’s teachings).  Mohammed’s journey began with a peaceful outreach, and when the peaceful path failed to attract people, Mohammed said that Allah led him to wage war against all that resist true Islam and Sharia.  This is what the Koran and Hadith record.

Our battle is only incidentally against what is commonly called “radical Islam” (those who practice true Islam and correctly interpret the Koran).  Our battle is in reality against the Koran itself—the words received from Allah by Mohammed which demand the subjugation of non-Muslims, and waging war if necessary against resistance to true Islam and Sharia.

This is why there is a great battle even within Islam itself…because the Koran records the final teachings and commands of Allah as demanding subjugation and war even against those within Islamic countries who do not surrender to Allah and Sharia.  Peace is available in Islam, but peace is only available to those who surrender to Shira and authority passed on from Muhammed to the Imams and Islam’s leaders who truly follow Muhammed’s final teachings of subjugation to Allah—no assimilation, and no democracy.

Christians in America used to welcome democracy, freedom, and assimilation.  Unfortunately, in recent decades, America has decided to promote separation, and not assimilation, by embracing separate languages as an example.  Not embracing the English language causes people to isolate themselves in certain geographic areas, forming communities which represent the old country, which can lead people within these language zones to not embrace America’s democratic form of governing.

Without assimilation and democracy, we as a county are doomed to segregated, isolated cultural groups, each vying for power and influence over other groups.  And, in the case of Islam, our nation faces eventual loss of democracy all together as it is replaced by Sharia and subjugation to Allah.

Bottom line…America is not compatible with the Koran, which requires subjugation to Allah only—no democracyno assimilation.

I pray for all Islam to find true peace which only comes from Jesus.

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