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Eden To Evil
Pastor Gerry Burney has been at it again! Find out the NEW information that he's uncovered in his ne [...]
God’s Plan – Satan’s Plan
The latest edition of this book is 2013.  GOD'S PLAN / SATAN'S PLAN   Why are the most renown of m [...]
Revelation, Apostasy, End Times, & “This Generation”
Hello all, Have you ever wanted to read a book but didn't know if you'd like that book, SO, you did [...]
Flat Earth And Genesis
Hello, got a treat for you here! Have you ever wanted to read a book but didn't know if you'd like t [...]
Science, Origins, and Ancient Civilizations
Did you know that there is actually a lot of evidence to support a sudden burst of creation? “S [...]
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Mark Rogers Thank you for your books, they have changed my life. While I haven't read all of them yet, so far it seems like you still have too high regard for conventional science, which seems to be part of Satan's deception. Have you looked into the Flat Earth theories, which actually make more sense than the sphere model? In fact, I wonder whey your book is called Flat Earth and Genesis because you don't really talk about a flat earth. Anyway, I hope you add in the flat earth model to your ideas. Evolution, NASA, space, gravity etc are all part of the great deception. A new science is needed to see the world as it really is, which is what the Bible has been saying all along. Thanks.