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Humans—Evolution & Life

Darwin, in his own writings, questioned whether his “theory” would hold up.  Darwin stated that the theory of evolution requires that innumerable transitional fossils must be found to prove evolution theory is correct.  Transitional fossils must be found to prove evolution.  We still don’t have the fossil evidence to support evolution.  The theory still exists, but the evidence does not.

In fact, today science knows that many of the theorized transitional forms were actually contemporaries (existing at the same time).  Homo sapiens (us), Neanderthal (archaic Homo sapiens), Homo erectus, and Homo habilis, were all contemporaries, existing at the same time, and thought by science today to have even interbred.  In other words, the fossils look a little different, but they appear no different than Eskimos and Europeans look today.

In the book “Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations,” on pages 67-84, fossils and DNA evidence for macro-evolution are discussed broadly.

In an article titled “No Bones About It,”  Dr. Cupps, PhD. in Nuclear physics, writes that the scientific observable evidence for macro-evolution has yet to be produced.  He states that in fact, just the opposite is true—evidence is pointing to a human family with different ethnic groups, with no evolution suggested.  The book: “Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations” covers these issues concerning many human types (species) actually living at the same time (page 77).

However, other scientists, referred to in Science News, in April, continue to believe that life itself (much less macro-evolution from life), can accidentally happen.  Chemist Terry Lee, and John Sutherland of the MRC Lab of Molecular Biology in England report they believe that compounds for life all emerged accidentally together in a singular event triggered by natural forces of water, energy, and chemicals.  The book “Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations” details what is needed for life:

The problem for life originating naturally is that science has discovered that DNA, proteins, RNA, and the cell are all required to develop simultaneously. None can exist without the other. Fred Hoyle, British Astronomer, and Francis Crick of the Salk Institute of Double Helix fame, have each suggested that life could not have begun without some unknown outside influence (space aliens).

DNA, which stores genetic information (the blueprints of life molecules), cannot function without proteins, and RNA molecules.

RNA (which transports the correct blueprints to the proper location site for life molecules), cannot function without proteins, DNA molecules, and a cell.

Proteins cannot function without DNA and RNA molecules.

A cell cannot survive without RNA molecules.

Dr. Francis Crick, Nobel Prize medalist in DNA, says there is no mathematical possibility of DNA occurring naturally. DNA is a binary 4-bit code, multiplied thousands of times. Life is intelligent software, not simply chemicals and elements. It takes millions of these 4-bit codes to make even a simple cell, much less a complex organism. There is actually more data encoded in the DNA of a single cell than there is data required to construct the space shuttle.

For more on these subjects, please see the TV series on Science & Origins, on You Tube and the book on Science & Origins through our web Target Truth

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