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God’s Plan / Satan’s Plan


GodsWhy are the most renown of man’s wonders, which were at the center of both the Old and New Testaments, not even mentioned in God’s Word ? The Great Pyramid and Sphinx are but two of numerous imitations which Satan uses to deceive people. What exactly is the Great Pyramid an imitation of ? Explore how Satan imitates God. Chapters include topics such as: The Two Creations (Genesis 1-3), Predestination, Original Sin, The Zodiac – God’s story perverted, The Fertile Crescent Timeline, The Queen of Heaven & False Religions, Daniel’s 70th Week Flow Chart, Earth Timeline Chart, The Exodus & Mt. Sinai, Christ’s Birth Date, Islam & Prophecy, Final States – Biblical Definitions of Soul & Spirit, God’s Marriage & Divorce (salvation) Plan and more! ISBN 978-1-60791-626-0

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