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This ministry runs on people who feel lead by God to support it. All we ask is that you might consider helping us in our work of reaching the world with the GOOD News of Jesus Christ, and His redemptive work!

All donations are used to provide Bible’s, Bible studies, as well as Christian books to inmates and college students. Your gifts help us provide FREE weekly studies to hundreds of inmates as well as a FREE book mailed to every inmate on our mailing list once per year. This also allow us to give away “Learn-A-Verse,” our Bible memory board game to churches and families with young children.

Every year, our mailing list grows. In 2007, we were mailing weekly studies to 15 inmates. In 2013, we are mailing out 400 weekly studies each month… and our list keeps growing–Praise God! This effort involves copying, paper, envelopes, stapling, book purchases & postage. It costs about $3 for each inmate per month (about $35 per year, per inmate). Your donations help cover the cost of these materials. The more we receive, the more we can help! No gift is TOO small.

We greatly appreciate your prayers and support and we value your feedback. Please consider leaving a comment below.

Please pray for this ministry,

Pastor Gerry

Burneyfam Books is an outreach of Crossroads Church of Ukiah, California 95482.

Donations to Burneyfam Books can be made here via Paypal

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