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Dinosaur Soft Tissue and Skin Refutes Evolution

How many revelations do we need to refute the false claims of scientists that the dinosaurs existed millions of years ago?  The Smithsonian Magazine article titled “Dinosaur Cowboy” in their recent issue is just another example of discoveries of dinosaurs “fossils” which are actually not truly “fossils.”  For several years now, scientists have reported that many dinosaur discoveries are actually of bone and tissue, even soft tissue which may hold DNA, and not actually fossilized bone (bone being replaced by minerals resulting in a rock fossilized record of the bone).

This latest article is about dinosaur remains which Clayton Phipps has discovered and had cataloged showing “There’s an entire skin envelope around both dinosaurs.  They’re basically mummies.  There could be soft tissue inside.”  While these discoveries are exciting…they are also controversial, resulting in researchers not willing to put up money to follow-up research.  Currently, these dinosaur discoveries are being housed in a storage facility at an undisclosed location in New York.  They remain unstudied more than a decade after they were exhumed, according to the Smithsonian article.

Recently, in an article in Acts & Facts magazine, Brian Thomas M.S. Biotechnology reported on proteins still existing in dinosaur remains supposedly millions of years old.  He referred to ongoing studies being done by Dr. Mary Schweitzer’s team published in the Journal of Proteome Research showing protein identification and sequencing of amino acids in dinosaur collagen.  He quotes Robert Service in Science magazine; “The (soft tissue fossil) claims were me with howls of skepticism from biochemists and paleontologists who saw no way that fragile organic molecules could survive for tens of millions of years, and wondered whether her samples were contaminated with modern proteins.

As written in the book “Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations…Scientific Evidence Withheld from School Textbooks,” scientists Woodward, Wend, and Bunnell in an article titled “DNA Sequence from Cretaceous Period Bone Fragments” have verified that the half-life of DNA has been determined to be 521 years (meaning that half of the testable DNA is un-testable after 521 years—it deteriorates to a point where the chemical sequences become too short for modern science to sequence).  Every 521 years half of the remaining DNA is destroyed, making it impossible for DNA to be testable beyond the outer limit of 10,000 years.

The book “Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations” exposes government schools’ willingness to withhold scientific evidence from students.  There is a lot of scientific evidence to support a sudden burst of creation within the last 10,000 years, and literally no scientific proof of macro-evolution and millions of years.  Explore scientific evidence withheld from school textbooks involving * The Universe and Solar SystemPhysic s & Age * Geology & the Ice Age * Radio-metric & C-14 Dating * Fossils & Dinosaurs * Mutations, DNA, & Biology * Humans, Language, & Race * Ancient Civilizations, Knowledge, & Beliefs * The Queen of Heaven…* and much, much more.

The book “Eden to Evil” argues that the church has misunderstood the mystery and puzzle of why God gave two very different creation accounts (Eden & the 7-Day).  By exposing the truth behind God’s two creations, everyone, including scholars, can now understand the true source of evil, tragedy, suffering, predestination, and original sin.

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