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Target Truth Ministries

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It’s our way of helping those who are  incarcerated all around the United States…

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4 Responses to Target Truth Ministries

  • Duane LeVick says:

    Pastor Gerry
    I adbere to the belief that we (on earth) are the fallen host from Eden and that being given flesh life on earth we are then put in a position to redeem ourselves with God through Yeshua. One thing I don’t understand is why so many people down through the ages, have been birthed without ever having that opportunity. Yes, there are the aborted, the mentally ill and others, and I also fully agree that all those who have not been called by the Holy Spirit will be again rebirthed and given that opportunity during the millenium (otherwise there is no purpose for it). Yet there have been empires, nations, tribes, people from the beginning for 4000 years before Christ, and even for 2000 years since Christ, who never even heard the name of Jesus. I understand they will have that opportunity in the millenium also, but why have so many be birthed for what seems no reason?
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your question. Please see the attached Study on the Zodiac. God gave Adam and Eve the entire story of salvation (that a redeemer was coming, and to trust in God to provide), from the very beginning in the Mazzaroth (Hebrew for the Zodiac). Mankind failed to protect God’s message, and it became perverted by Satan. God continued to provide with Noah, and then Abraham, and then Moses, and others. Jesus, the promised Savior pictured in the Zodiac story did come, and did provide for everyone’s salvation…and God will provide even to the very last minute of this age (Rev. 14:6-7). Enjoy the Study and thank’s for your love of others…Pastor Gerry

  • MR TJ PHILIP says:

    Hi Pastor Gerry,I read your book on Eden ToEvil which I enjoyed reading. I am from south Africa Johannesburg and I agree with you about Two creation story in the bible.Creation story is a big puzzle and you really need to mediate on the book of Genesis to get the answers. Thanks tony

  • Gerry Burney says:

    Our Website…Target Truth…will be showing a new TAB titled 2068 and there will be 12 video sections describing various things…including how the end may be 2068…OR, even sooner…The Days will be shortened! This is also discussed in the book which has just been updated titled “God’s Plan / Satan’s Plan. Bless you…Gerry

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