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Revelation And End Times – YouTube TV Series

This is the most recently done in our YouTube series. It’s a 23 part series!


Here Pastor Gerry Discusses Issues Such as: When was it written? Prophecy of Daniel 2; Prophecy of Daniel 7 & 8;

Prophecy of Matthew 24; Day of the Lord; Mt. Of Olives; New Heaven & New Earth… and much more!

To Go to our YouTube Channel to watch, Click Here!

Flat Earth And Genesis – YouTube TV Series

Flat Earth And Genesis TV Series

flatFlat Earth And Genesis TV Series

This is the research painstakingly done and recorded by Pastor Gerry Burney!

Now on YouTube this book, “Flat Earth And Genesis“, is gone through for your understanding!

Issues Discussed: What we believe; Noah; Creation Account; Born Again; Are Babies Innocent;

And TONS more! There are 17,  28 minute segments, jam-packed with information!

You’ll be AMAZED!   Click HERE to watch now!

Ebook or paperback available at Amazon, or Barns & Noble!

Science And Origins – YouTube TV Series

ScienceThis is the FIRST in our YouTube Series!

It’s Called, Science And Origins! Click Here, to go to our YouTube Channel!

In This Series Pastor Gerry takes a look at;

Biblical Understanding, 24 Hour Creation Days, Fossils And the THEORY of evolution! and MUCH MUCH more!

So click on one of the links… Explore with us… Educate yourself!