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Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations


Scientific Evidence Withheld from School Textbooks


Did you know that there is actually a lot of evidence to support a sudden burst of creation?

SCIENCE, ORIGINS, & ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS” by Gerry Burney is a must have for any student of science in his or her search for truth. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggest evolution from one life form into another (Macro-Evolution) could NEVER happen!

Within the pages of this book together we will explore evidences that have been hidden from the government school textbooks.

The answers are found in our past. Ancient Civilizations including; Ancient Samaria, Plato in 360 BC, Ancient Japan, the Teotihuacan culture in Mexico, AND MORE! All of these reveal the truths that go against the Macro-Evolution agenda. After reading these compelling evidences you won’t be able to look at the earth the same again. We live in an amazing time: a time of technology, a time of unveiled history, and a time of CHOICE.

In the age of information, ignorance IS a choice.      ISBN 978-1-60791-625-3


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