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Help For Prisoners

If you know someone in prison or jail and would like to get them started on our “Virtual Chapels”, please send us the:

Inmate Name;

Prison ID #

Prison Name & Address;


Send this to Pastor Gerry, at, or if to have no computer access, mail to:

PO Box 1299

Ukiah, CA 95482


We’ll do the rest. You will also be signed up for the Target Truth Ministries newsletter!

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When you finish the book Eden to Evil we hope you’ll take a few moments and go to Amazon make a comment to encourage others to read about God’s word

2 Responses to Help For Prisoners

  • Robert Dobos says:

    I have just completed reading ‘Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations’ as well as ‘The Flat Earth & Genesis.’ I have a question regarding ‘Original Sin.’ There is a publication titled ‘Heaven is for Real’ in which a little boy has a near death experience. While he is present in the Heavenly Realm, as the story goes, he encounters a sister he never knew existed. She had succumbed while in her mother’s womb. Hopefully you are familiar the book and can explain to me how an event of this nature would coincide with your (Bible’s) explanation of original sin.

    • admin says:

      Hummmm….well, I never read the book, but from your explanation it would seem that the boy’s “experience” was “near death”…meaning that he never was really in heaven…just imagined he was…or so the story goes. As to a sister (having shared the womb of the mother), having died before birth…this again is speculation and imagination on the authors part. Original sin simply means we (those of us birthed into this sinful world as sinners), all fell in Eden (Rev. 12:1-4), when Satan deceived a third of the heavenly host (us). I’ve attached my Original Sin paper…although you said you read the books. The newest book which greatly details all this is titled Eden to Evil. And, I am publishing an updated version of Science and Origins as I write this, because science is changing so fast…and the evidence is becoming overwhelming against “billions of years” and “evolution”…even though the education system still is way, way behind. God bless you brother…Gerry

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