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End Time Prophecy about to be fulfilled?

Dec. 28, 2016

Now that President Obama’s administration has pushed Israel into a box with the United Nations vote to  condemn them for building settlements within their own land (claiming that the Palestinians should have first rights to certain lands within Israel), is it possible that we are about to witness the beginnings of the end?

By pushing Israel this way, Israel may find itself being boycotted even more by other countries, unless they give up more land.  The promise, of course, is that the United Nations will provide security and peace for both Israel and the Palestinians, in exchange for this so-called “peace agreement” giving up its’ own land.  Israel won the war…perhaps America should give its’ land back to the Native Americans…or the Vikings.

Pastor Gerry Burney has written a couple of books on the end times and the book of Revelation in the Bible, as well as his newest book “Eden to Evil,” which deals with how we got into this situation in the first place.  All of these books can be viewed on his web site–Target Truth  The Book titled “Revelation, Apostasy, End-Times, & This Generation” addresses the biblical book of Revelation verse-by-verse, and has a section on prophecies, including the Islamic prophecy of their end-time belief.  The Book titled “The Book of Chronologies & Time Charts” deals with many time charts from creation to the end, including an entire section of the timing of the end-times–the sequence of the end-time events (this one book is available only through the web site Target Truth  Also, available at no cost, we can e-mail you a copy of a Study on Islam which makes reference to the Islamic end-times belief (which Islam believes we are in right now).

The prophecy which is about to be fulfilled (if Israel is forced into a peace agreement with the United Nations providing peace and security), is recorded in two places in the Bible, both written hundreds of years before Jesus, and written when Israel was not even a country (having been conquered by Babylon 2,500 years ago).

In Daniel 9:27-28, the prophecy of the 70 weeks states that the beginning of the last 7 years of earth’s history will begin when there will be a covenant with Israel…which will be broken, ushering in the end (here again, the prophecy of Daniel’s 70 weeks can be e-mailed to you free as a Study if you request it–just visit Target Truth  The “he” in verse 27 is a world leader which will push hard, or force, Israel to sign an agreement for peace with “many nations.”

Also, in Ezekiel 38 and 39 are references to the end-times, and 7 years, when many nations will go to war with Israel.  But, one should note that when this end-times is beginning, that Israel is at peace…no walled cities…Israel is living in security.  This obviously is not true today.  But, if Israel is forced to give up its’ right to the land, because of America’s lack of support for its’ independence, then it is very possible that Israel may be forced to sign onto a peace agreement with other nations and open its’ walls to allow Palestinians freer access.  This will be the end.

It is very ironic that America may be the catalyst to bring about the end-time events.  Go figure.  Pastor Burney has always thought of America as Israel’s best friend, and now it appears that America may cause Israel’s suffering, as well as the end of the world, by opening the door for Islam to access Israel’s land.

The book “Eden to Evil” addresses why we have pain and suffering in this world in the first place, even though God called this creation “Very Good.”  Many people have tried to blend together the two creation stories (the 7 Day, and the Eden account), but God is very clear that they are both true, correct, and deliberately given to us as a riddle so that we would understand why we experience pain and suffering–why this is Satan’s domain.  You may want to check out the “Media” tab for a video of Pastor Burney giving a message titled You Asked For it”–Target Truth Ministries.  The book “Eden to Evil” will clear up all our misunderstandings concerning the creation, and why exactly it is that we all need a Savior.

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